Pacific Property Group works closely with investors to achieve their investment goals. Tailored agreements allow for flexible terms and risk tolerance.

Investment Model

Pacific Property Group are always looking for good development opportunities. When such chance is found, PPG will raise fund in a partnership format to purchase land, develop the house/townhouse/condo building, and sale them achieve a return of over 30% typically.

  • Fund name: Pacific Property Partners.
  • Fund Structure: A British Columbia Limited Partnership.
  • Total Target Equity: CAD $3 million-10 million, per project size.
  • Minimum Investment Size: CAD $300,000.00
  • Targeted returns: 30% annual returns on equity
  • Term: 20 to 30 month, depending on project size.
  • Loan: Approximately 60% of hard and soft costs including land.
  • Profit Share: 80% of profits payable to the Limited Partners, 20% to the General Partner (PPG).

Coming Partnership

All our projects are looking for a 30% Plus annual return. Please contact us for more information.